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While there are plenty of heating companies to choose from in Rockland and the surrounding area, Master Tech Heating & Cooling is confident that we’re the very best choice. Not only do our experts have years of extensive experience in the business, but we offer nothing but the best customer care. We will answer your call quickly and provide you with the services you need without delay, be it a quick repair, regular maintenance, or new heating installation.

To learn more about what our experts can do for you, reach us directly at (613) 295-0913.

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Whether your heater is causing you problems or if you want to invest in a new one, Master Tech Heating & Cooling wants to work with you. For years our experts have been hard at work providing homeowners with heating solutions they can count on. From the moment you contact us, we’ll spring into action, scheduling an inspection or consultation at your earliest convenience.

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Reliable Heating Repair

When your heater is on the brink, you don’t have time to wait around, especially in the middle of winter – but that’s where we come in. Master Tech Heating & Cooling would be happy to offer you speedy heating repair services. We invite you to contact us if:

  • Your energy bill has been spiking
  • Your home is not being heated evenly
  • Your heater is making loud noises
  • You keep having to turn up the heat
  • Your air quality has diminished
  • The pilot light on your appliance is yellow

These are all tell-tale signs of heating issues, so don’t ignore them. Reach our experts for a speedy inspection instead.

Regular Heating Maintenance Services

The best way to keep your heater in good condition is to have it maintained regularly. Our experts recommend having your system inspected at least once a year, usually before the cold weather rolls in. Doing so will allow you to understand the overall health of your system and identify underlining issues before they worsen.

If it’s been a few years since your heating appliance was inspected, we encourage you to reach us at (613) 295-0913.

Choose the Right Appliance for Your Next Heating Installation

There are a number of great heating appliances to choose from on the market, and our team can help you pick the perfect one. Once we go over your options and determine your budget, we will install your heater without delay and get it up and running so you can enjoy ongoing comfort.

Enjoy Great Rates on Heating Services

Our team is proud to offer some of the very best rates on heating services in the local area, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Reach us at (613) 295-0913 to get a quote for your service today!

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Master Tech Heating & Cooling is very confident that we’re the best heating company in the local area. For all your HVAC needs, reach our experts and book a consultation.